Sal Kapoor – screenwriter – copywriter –  film reviewer11164611_10153028070659247_1697555065015874800_n

I trained as a screenwriter at Royal Holloway and graduated with a disctintion in my masters. Later, I qualified as a  copywriter at The College of Media and Publishing. Through my work, I’ve met hundreds of creative and inspiring people and have worked on projects where strategic brainstorming ideas meticulously and visually transform into superb end products, whether it’s an ad campaign, a movie or a mail-shot. I’ve written full-length movie scripts that have gone on to be released and worked on campaigns that have raised a brand’s profile.

I’ve worked with some well known brands and companies  which are just starting up. Regardless, I give each client a 100% focus bringing their ideas to life, making sure the words just leap off the page.

The written word holds a lot of power to communicate ideas, conjure up visions, of what we truly feel about ourselves and our environment and what we truly desire. Words really do communicate these emotions.

Whether a story is being told in a 2-hour movie or a 30-second campaign, there’s a narrative in there and my job is to bring it to life; as a screenwriter I can write a story with characters who transform within their narrative arc and as a copywriter, I can sell your product to consumers with carefully written copy in your brand’s chosen voice.

If you need a screenwriter or a copywriter, why would you pick me? Because I pay attention to detail, I extrapolate the information and deliver a finished product that meets industry standards, I have experience of working within an agency and working freelance. I don’t quit until I’ve exhausted every possible combination of words until you’re happy with it.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words – it’s true but allow me a few words and I’ll evoke  a thousand pictures and bring them to life in your mind.

Please feel free to navigate the menu selection from the home page and have a look at some of my work and if you like what you see, get in touch. I hope you enjoy reading it   and thank you for taking the time to do so.