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Burning Sands


After receiving a tip off that his sister was murdered, a young British soldier absconds to Goa to investigate but finds himself initiated into the same cult that killed her.


When wild child traveler, Isabel is killed on a Goan beach, eye witness Fernandez, tips off her brother, Ness, a battle hardened army veteran in the UK. Fernandez couriers Isabel’s pendant as evidence to Ness who is due to leave for Afghanistan. Denied leave by his superiors and placed under house arrest, Ness absconds to Goa. Landing in India, an immigration officer discovers Ness is wanted but he manages to escape but immediately has a chance encounter with Natasha, a Lithuanian expatriate and unbeknown to Ness, a disciple of the cult.

Ness’s enquiries in Goa’s bars are met with hostility but eventually, with the help of a local bellhop named Thumbs, he manages to track down Fernandez, an ex member of the group, now in hiding but before Ness can get any information, Fernandez is brutally murdered. Later, Ness learns Natasha and Isabel were adversaries and suspects she was responsible for Isabel’s murder. Under a false identity, Ness manages to gain the cult’s trust and is initiated but becomes spellbound by the group’s charismatic leader, Troy and his mother, the saintly Devi. Under Devi’s influence Ness reflects on his troubled past and realises his part in pushing Isabel away. He comes close to loosing his mind.

Slowly the utopian veneer begins to crack and when Troy has an apocalyptic vision, the group starts its preparations to face the Kaliyug, a mystical Hindu endist event. As truths surface, Ness realises that meeting Natasha was orchestrated by Devi to lure him in and retrieve the pendant, a priceless talisman and was not a chance encounter, as he believed. With the help of her Israeli associates, Devi, an obsessive Oedipal mama had Isabel killed. On a moonlit finale on the beach, Ness has one final opportunity for redemption by saving Natasha from ritualistic murder.

Burning Sands is a psychological thriller, which explores the lure of new religious movements and their appeal to alienated Westerners. A karmic odyssey, it asks moral questions about surrogate families, set against a backdrop of a rustic beach community experimenting with spiritual alternatives.



The Jihadist’s Opera Synopsis

Sal Kapoor 2018

TV / Movie

Daniel Thomas, a devout christian, is set to leave London and move to Ireland with his family but on the eve of their departure, he receives cryptic messages from a blackmailer who threatens to reveal his past and destroy the family life he’s worked so hard to build. Daniel sets out to discover the assailant’s identity before his secret is revealed to his tight-knit community.


The Jihadist’s Opera is a character-driven drama which examines the post- Jihadist life of Daniel Thomas, a born-again christian who runs a barber shop in the heart of East London.

The show explores universal themes of faith and forgiveness and examines these lofty concepts, testing the protagonists’ intrinsic beliefs. Do they walk the walk or just talk the talk?

The show unfolds with complex drama and mystery, but its deeper value lies in its subtext in an age where religious fervour and extremism is on the rise.

The Jihadist’s Opera is an in-depth study of an urban chameleon, the titular paradox; a loving christian who will take a life in order to protect his loved ones. A volunteer who stands up to a criminal syndicate. Like Tony Soprano and Walter White before him, as moral boundaries slowly crumble, Daniel justifies his actions and ironically, they strengthen his marriage.

The puzzling question which runs parallel to the narrative is – does Daniel actually believe he is being guided by a higher power and if so, which power is this? Like the therapeutic analogy of an onion being peeled, the show strips away layer upon layer to find the heart of our protagonist, yet our driving question is also the story-engine which steams through several seasons before we can answer.

Little India


S. Kapoor

TV / Movie


Jay, an abandoned India orphan is taken in by a caring Pakistani man, Sadiq, but welcoming Jay into his family causes problems. Tariq, Jay’s older step-brother, resents him from childhood to adulthood, culminating in an attempt to oust him from the family that ends in murder and Jay becoming Tariq’s slave.

Little India is a sprawling story of a broken family, slowly falling apart, in which Jay must learn to deal with the challenges facing the immigrant community and break free from its self-limiting stigmas.


Utopia K


S Kapoor


In a world of high prejudice and segregation governed by white supremacy, five shackled prisoners escape on route to their execution and must make a treacherous journey to safety without killing each other in the process.





A TV show based around a group of renegade vampires who have started their own 12-step self-help group but with recovery, comes relapse, vampire hunters and egos.

Kilmer appears like your model-recovering vampire. He’s fifteen years abstinent, has a good job and facilitates the daily twelve-step step meeting of Vampires Anonymous without fail. This is how he chooses to present himself to the world. Secretly, he’s frustrated. His sponsor has a terminal blood disorder, he’s opted for therapy over higher power and now, fifteen years later, he’s as close to relapse as a vampire can get. Kilmer is struggling for gratitude.

Fifteen years and what does he have to show for it? A bunch of ungrateful sponsees who never listen to a word he says. A blood-thirsty group, more interested in getting wasted on red wine and hanging out in cellars than working the ninth-step. A demented mob that prefers having cinematic discussions as to whether Fright Night or Nosferatu contains more realism.

And now, the problems are about to get much worse for Kilmer.

There’s his sponsee, Ravan, the wild card of the group, planning his secret coup and looking to replace Solomon as group leader. There’s the irresistible Paris, who’s a new comer and about to jeopardize his work around intimacy and there’s Velazquez, the ruthless vampire hunter who’s one purpose is to wipe the earth clean of all of Kilmer’s kind.

Kilmer’s gotta get out of here!

But when you’re a vampire who doesn’t want to kill anymore, what are your options? What happens, when a vampire in therapy has a break through moment and relinquishes control? What happens when your sponsee turns on you after five years of sponsorship and what happens when a mercenary, obsessed with revenge starts killing off your peers, vampires you are responsible for?

Let’s see what happens.

Legions unleash like a post-modern horror and take you spinning into the bloody lives of recovering vampires. Ferocious, vulnerable, superstitious and desperate to abstain. It questions our therapy-obsessed society and asks existential questions: how forgiving can we truly be? Do our darkest secrets keep us sick? And if the ultimate punishment for killing someone is death, then how the hell are vampires expected to live?